You Found It!

You found it!  The very beginning of my new blog. Starting a blog is strangely intimidating as I don't have a map for how or where this will go.  How 'bout we just wing it within certain parameters and enjoy the ride?  I hope you'll enjoy the ride with me because I really want this to be about you, whomever happens to read this blog.  I want to share knowledge, information and visions with you; I want to provide something useful and hopefully inspire you to see the world in a new way, notice the rich details of your life, appreciate the people you know and the places you've been and in a best-case scenario, motivate you to create your own art.  Questions?  Fire away.  You'll see that I'm very open and willing to reveal secrets and give opinions.  I've been a professional photographer for over 30 years--it's time to give back. 

This photo is of me; no, I'm not shooting, I'm the subject!  It's very useful to sit on the other side of the camera once in a while, although I would rather be behind the lens.  Experiencing what it's like to be photographed actually helps me work better with my subjects during a shoot--I know what it's like to have the camera pointed at you, firing away.

I'm also a teacher and have lead a wide variety of classes; currently I'm an instructor with the NYC Digital Photography Workshops.  Over time we may see posts that  involve tips & tricks of the trade, useful information gleaned from hundreds of students asking the same questions or maybe even some short video demos of "how-to" or "behind the scenes".

Ready?  Let's go!